About us

Who is behind Deskzero

Deskzero is a one-weekend side project by Lorenzo Bruno and Marco Paccagnella.

We are entrepreneurs and freelancers too. Most of the time we don’t have a permanent workplace and we often need to find new places to work from remotely. We think you may need it too.

So we built Deskzero and we launched it in Feb 2015.

Got feedback for us or just want to say hello? Drop as a line at hello@deskzero.co.

Deskzero’s Mission

Your city. Your office. Find new and inspiring locations from which to work remotely.

Office space is dead. Almost. And working from your flat might leave you living in yours pyjamas and having five-minute lunches. There are plenty of venues from which you can work remotely as a freelancer.

Why work from a coffee shop, you say? More and more companies are running their business with a team of individuals spread across different locations, often, guess what, at coffee shops. You can explore your city, do some networking and meet new peers, pay less than an office or a co-working desk. Basically, quality time.

Pack your charger, pens, notebook, headphones and cables. Everything you need to have a productive day of work. Get in, choose your seat wisely, put in your order and kick off your creativity.

Choose your preferred venue

Check amenities and traits. Discover and pick your favourite spot.

Browse and find the venue which suits you best. Looking for super WiFi? Coffee is a must? Beer garden is your ideal office? Browse Deskzero, discover inspiring locations, and choose your favourites.


Bicycle friendly


Business meetings


Hot drinks


Creative environment




Have a nibble


Friendly staff


Easy access for wheelchairs


Good vibes


Outdoor seating


Have fun!


Always on


Quiet place


Recycling or eco-friendly


Fast and stable WiFi

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Nomad freelancer, kick off your remote working!

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